for your engraving works :

editors, composers, teachers, independent,

I stay at your disposal for studying and engraving :

- all your pages of music

- or mixed music and texts, with photos, graphics, inserts,

- in method books, for example

- for orchestral piece work

- for music schools

- for editing, for "clean" registering, music with words, all types .

Sound files (mp3) are available immediately, with possibly lowered tempos, for the work of pupils, with possible development of a chosen instrument in the case of orchestral music, etc....

You can get the guarantee of a perfect engraving, with a layout as you wish, proved and corrected (through a consultation of you in cases of doubt) giving a music without any error in rhythms, tessitura, transposition, chords.

That can be made thanks to the work with Finale software, since 1996, and today with recent (August 2020) version : Finale® 26.3 US.

You can see a small part of my work list-pdf see pdf which is whole realized as mentioned above.

I stay at your disposal for any enquiry.

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