The "Batterie-Fanfare" l'Indépendante de Chirassimont version en Français

musical opus list (2014)

2011, May 21st and 22th : 80th birthday - photos collection

  Small village of about 400 inhabitants, Chirassimont is located in the North-East of the department of the Loire, on the district of Le Coteau. The closest cities are Tarare at 15 km. (10 miles), Roanne at 25 km. (16 miles), Saint-Etienne at 70 km. (45 miles), Lyon at 60 km. (37 miles).

  Chirassimont as many villages around been subjected to the crisis of the textile industry, which brings only some jobs. Some artisans assure nonetheless the assertion of economical life. Finally, agriculture holds another preponderant place in the village.

  Created in 1931 see "story" , the Indépendante is a batterie-fanfare belonging to the group E, that means composed of "soft brasses" in B flat. They find therefore "clairons" (i.e. natural, without valve, bugles), "usual" (3 valves) bugles, saxhorns basses and contrabasses and of course percussive instruments, mainly French drum. It is strong of about thirty people. It is in 1952 when the battery-fanfare participated in its first Competition (Le Coteau). Then, Competition after Competition, conducted by Marcel Bénitière from 1958 till 1993, then Philippe Vignon from 1994 2002 and from 2005 to 2010, it acquired numerous rising prices see "palmarès". It is classified in Division of Honour in CMF and in Division of Excellency in UFF. It is led since 2011 by Bernard Roche. In spring on 2003, a young 18-year-old musician took direction of the Indépendante. He is Barthélémy Jusselme, playing the Drum, saxhorn bass, and especially resident since 2007 of the Class of Tuba in CNSMD of Paris.

Activities of the Indépendante are numerous and various. First in the village, on the occasion of official ceremonies as 8 of May, 14 of July, 11 of November, religious and local feasts, the feast of decades. There is also the Saint-Cecil, the Waking-up in Fanfare of 1st in January see "2008, January, the 1st without forgetting of course the Feast of Music in June.

Also, and to take her financial autonomy, the Indépendante perform a dozen of profitable exits outside yearly.

Let us signal finally the important place of concerts, often on the occasion of exchanges with other musical groups.

  The Indépendante assures a role mattering from training to the young persons by giving them possibility with its music school to study musical education and practice of an instrument, which some people can follow in a Conservatory.

  It also allows to the young persons to discover the community life and to take responsibilities in the association.

  The Indépendante is at the origin of the most notable demonstrations of the village. So, it organized music festivals in 1958, 1965, 1978, as well as a National Competition CMF in 1981, a Competition UFF in 1993, and once again an important National Competition CMF in 2001, to mark his seventieth birthday. The festival of 80°birthday, May 21st and 22nd, 2011 will no doubt have constituted a new major point of this continuation of events, by the quantity and above all the quality and the variety of the Musicians and the recognized competence of the organization.


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