Swiss French meetings… continuation … Thusy, 2016, 9th of July. version française galerie photos
Back feelings from Roman and Damien

We developed for several years (our first meeting dates November 18th, 1995 in Lausanne) relations as regards the Drum with our almost nearby Swiss. We attended the Regional Fests (Savièse on 1999, Fribourg on 2007) and Federal (Sierre on 2002, Basel 2006, Interlaken 2010). There were also Chermignon-d'en-Haut (2007), on the initiative of my friend Édouard Sommer of Geneva.
Through the last contacts, we decided to meet, in small number, to exchange on our respective techniques, writings, interpretations, manners to beat. The reserved date was on Saturday, July 9th. It remained to find the appropriate place. Jean-Pierre Pol, well known as a High-Savoyard Drummer, diligent member of the Drums 69 Rhône-Alpes for their period of activity was requested and took the things in hand to welcome us by means of his wife to Thusy ( 74 ) in the best conditions.
We thus met, besides our hosts : Édouard Sommer, Roman Lombriser coming from the region of Saint-Gall, Nicolas Mugnier-Pollet from Thyez, Damien Vignon from Amplepuis and I. photo-1 in a large room gracefully provided us by the Thusy's municipality.
Roman Lombriser is one of the quite better representatives of the Drum in Switzerland, Champion of Switzerland 1990 in Naters, composer, member of all the juries of competition, the federal technical committee, determining for all the works and the publications, director until 2015 of the band Tambouren Club Fürstenland Gossau.
During our exchanges to prepare this meeting, we had mentioned the main subjects to be approached, while keeping of course a total freedom as for the progress. We can summarize it so :
- - - - - presentation of the participants, and introduction by Édouard Sommer photo-2
- - - - - comparison of the drums, sticks, training pads photo-3
- - - - - comparison of notations, old Swiss (Basel hieroglyphs, Dr Berger) and current ( Zünstoff), and French photo-4
- - - - - fast evocation of the teaching for Drum
- - - - - technical points: "strokes", "ra", "coups anglais" (or "doublés", frisés : simple, coulés, sautés...
- - - - - the point which was at the origin of this meeting : thle "coulé" and its derivate forms : "coulé sauté", "brisé" photo-5
All showed through numerous documents, methods, sheets, old or contemporary books and of course "sticks in the hands", with eyes and ears widely opned for the analysis, the understanding of gestures and effects. photo-6 photo-7
After a (very well) made lunch by our hosts, we played some pieces, always explained, commented. Without enumerating , we can quote :
- - - - - Roman alone : Miraculix, Globitrotter, Funky Spirit, ... photo-8
- - - - - Damien and Philippe : Réflexes, Clin d'oeil, Marches par Frisés, ... photo-9
- - - - - the three together : Ra d'Ac, Der Grizzli, Trois marches roulées d'Alexandre Raynaud, ... photo-10
The participants in this day, each in the role, appreciated particularly the friendship which got free of it and also the practical aspect, the concrete of the exchanges. All agreed that, if it was the first one in the kind, it would not certainly be the last one. photo-11

Ph.V. 2016-07-11

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