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Our Group Fife and Drum (see pieces Fife and Drum) is called Timbres et Clés photos collection
Le september, 8th, 2019 in Charlieu (42) we participated at the Fêtes de la Soierie : static production and parade-corso. photos
On July, 8 th, 2017 in Saint-Just d'Avray (69) we participated in the animation of the village, during the Festival "Festivallées". report
Action : stage à Sarcey (69) le 11 mars 2017
Anthony and myself led one day of training Drum organized by the Groupement des 3 vallées.
12 pupils, coming from 5 bands, were able to benefit from it. Besides Drums, this day addressed Flutes and Clarinets.
Action : session in Brives Charensac (43), 2016, October 22th. report
On August, 21 th, 2106 in Saint-Bonnet-le-Courreau (42) mini-poster our Drummers, associated to Fifes, actively participated in the animation
of this important feast, with costumes, shows, numerous public. Our group was particularly noticed and appreciated.
On August, 29 and 30 , 2015 in Rochefort (17) mini-poster report photos
whole musical part, with Timbres et Clés, during the festivities and celebrations for the Hermione back.
Saturday end of afternoon 2015 July the 18 th. in Le Crozet (42) village report
Animation, with Timbres et Clés, for the annual Fest of the city.
Saturday evening 2015 June the 13th. in Larajasse (69) in the church of l'Aubépin report
Participation, with Timbres et Clés, in the Concert of the Choir of the "Chants Fleuris".
Action : session in Orange (84) , 2015, Feb. 21st. and 22nd. report

Saturday afternoon May, the 24th in Roanne report
ceremony for the bicentenary of the "Légion d'Honneur" in Roanne town

Concert : saturday evening 2014, March 29th in Longessaigne (69). report
Performance : Riorges (42) on 2014, February, 9 th report

Action : Cordelle (42) on 2014, April, 6th - see also actions 2011-2012
On Sunday, 2014, April, the 6th, the culture part of the Copler (Community of communes of the canton of Saint-Symphorien-de-Lay, in the Loire district www.copler.fr ), organized "Make Music" for the third time, in the small village "Cordelle", with of course the active participation of the Intermunicipal Music and Dance School. There were several instruments rooms, of which the Drum. More than a small performance by an applied pupil photo-1 , some interested people were able to discover and even try to play the Drum photo-2 , photo-3 .


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