Timbres et Clés photos collection Fife and Drum : The Fifres Roannais (see D-flat fife) with the Tambours 69 (see French Drum)
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Fife and Drum of France

Performance 2019

  On September, 8th, 2019 in Charlieu (42) Timbres et Clés animated the City for the traditionnal "Fête de la Soierie" photo-44 photo-45 photo-46 photo-47 photo-48 photo-49
  performance 2017    
  On July, 8 th, 2017 in Saint-Just-d'Avray (69) mini-poster Timbres et Clés participated in the animation, during "FestiVallées". photo-40 photo-41 photo-42 photo-43
  performance 2016
  On August, 21 th, 2016 in Saint-Bonnet-le-Courreau (42) mini-poster photo-37 photo-38 photo-39
  Timbres et Clés actively participated in this important Village feast : parades, animations, costumes, numerous assistance all day long.
  Our Fifes and Drums did well to hear and were particularly noticed and appreciated, both by the spectators as by the organizers.
  performances 2015    
  in Rochefort (17) August, 29 & 30, 2015 mini-poster report photos
  whole musical part, with Timbres et Clés, during the festivities and celebrations for the Hermione back.
  in Le Crozet (42) 2015, July, the 18th. poster photo-31 photo-32 photo-33 photo-34 photo-35 photo-36
  "Timbres et Clés" played for an animation, in this typical village, for the annual Fest.
  It was particularly pleasant to us to play outdoor, in an well appropriate place to our group.
  in Larajasse (69) 2015, June, the 13th. photo-27 photo-28 photo-29 photo-30
  "Timbres et Clés" was requested by the Choir of the "Chants Fleuris" of Larajasse (69) to participate in its Concert of June 13th, 2015.
  It took place in the church of the village of Aubépin. We played our usual program : pieces with French Drum, also with some percussive, pieces with Fife and Drum. 26 pieces in all, for two times 35 minutes.
  performances 2014    
  in Roanne May, the 24th. poster photo-19 photo-20 photo-21 photo-22 photo-23 photo-24 photo-25 photo-26
We were present for the official remembrance ceremony for the attribution of the Legion of Honor to the city of Roanne (1814)
The local personnalities, more than hundred of participants, with the "Batterie-Fanfare des Fifres Roannais", the "Fifres et Tambours Bourguignons", and Timbres et Clés, were there.
Between the scene acts, we played adapted pieces of french tradition, conducted by Mr. de Roger Basaglia.
A short parade with the Batterie-Fanfare and the "Drummers 69" leaded us to the statue of Mr. Populle, Mayor in 1814, for an homage.
in Longessaigne March, the 29th. poster photo-14 photo-15 photo-16 photo-17 photo-18
Asked from "l'Éveil" and "les P'tits Tracas" of Longessaigne, we played for a good part of the evening musical moment.
Our Program was greatly modified, with in particular, some new pieces :
for the Drummers : The whole Fantaisie Percutante (with inside a presentation text), Réflexes, the Valse des Tambours, and a scenic effect for the "Duel" played with an odd number (seven Drummers)
pour les Fifres seuls : Bouquet de Provence
pour Timbres et Clés : The "Refrains de l'Empire", and three modern pieces : Fifre avenue, Fifre de rue, Boléro
The reactions from the numerous present people have been widely positive. After the usual piece with all the Musicians (Week-end à New-York, of Jean Brouquières),
a good snack friendly ended the evening, showing the efficient organization of President Michel Poncet's Musicians team, and their welcome quality.
in Riorges > poster 2014, Feb., the 9th photo-10 photo-11 photo-12 photo-13
The Music School of Roanne (Siemar) organized, on February 8th and 9th : "La Flûte dans tous ses états" (The flute in all its states). For this occasion, the Fifres Roannais have been asked for a participation,
in particular for the Concert on Sunday, open toward music groups. So, Timbres et Clés played for half an hour, only with pieces "Fife and Drum".
A numerous assistance enjoyed with our performance, very distinctive into this musical afternoon.
  performances 2013  
  in Brullioles 2013, April, the 12th. photo-1 photo-2
After an invitation from the Jean-François Guilloud's Band of Brullioles, our Group played for the second part of the Concert of April 12th.
This constituted the effective creation of "Timbres et Clés". After an arrival with a Pas de Manœuvre, there was our Program of this Spring, cut in four parts.
1° : French Drum, one voice pieces Fantaisie Percutante (extrait), Retraites roulées, M. Rythmiques, Trois M. roulées, Le Train
2° : Fife and Drum : french tradition Pas de Manœuvre, Dragons de Noailles, Mousquetaires Noirs, Trois jeunes Tambours, Gariboldi
3° : French Drum : two voices, visual pieces Clin d'œil, Valse du Mexique, Mexicana, Medley de Rigodons
4° : Fife and Drum : foreigner tradition Volontaires de Lafayette, Yankee Doodle, Garryowen, Scotland the brave
in Blanzy 2013, April, the 13th. photo-3 photo-4
The next day, we answered the invitation of the Tambours et Fifres Bourguignons, Véronique Moratille and Bernard Pallot. In second part, before the common pieces (created for the opportunity),
"Timbres et Clés" played, of course, the same Program as above. The instrumentalists are happy to participate in this sort of performance, new for us, and feel to procure a real pleasure to the audience.
This one discovers and seems to appreciate this association between Fifes and Drums, through an original choice of pieces and a good interpretation.
in St-Julien-sur-Bibost 2013, May, the 25th. photo-5
Our third performance made the confirmation for "Timbres et Clés" and its Program 2013.
Here again, the numerous audience discovered and seemed to like our kind of Music.
in Roanne 2013, June, the 22th. photo-6 photo-7 photo-8 photo-9
We marked the Music Fest, outdoors, in the very pleasant and acoustically interesting square of the Chapel Jean-Puy.
back The numerous varied assistance consisted of warned people and also persons taking advantage of clement weather and attracted by new sounds.
We adapted ourselves to this environment and held the place more than one hour thanks to our now well mastered program.