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ˇ        My name is Philippe Vignon, I was born in 1954 in Chirassimont see "Indépendante" , a small village one hour from Lyon, to the West. I work in the textile industry as a creator in light curtains and upholstery fabrics.

ˇ         I belong to a family of drummers, dating have to 1855 see story . After studying the drum, the piano, the percussive instruments, I started producing my own compositions, in 1972. I have been a member of the Sacem since 1977. At the same time, after one year spent in the Air Force Music Band of Dijon, I began teaching French Drum, and to take some responsibilities inside the different French Musical Federations.

ˇ         In 1996, after long experience and regular hard work, I published an instrumental method for the French Drum in two volumes see "Drum" , which was immediately recognised as very innovative in its conception, complete, progressive, easy to use, open towards original rudiments.

ˇ         Today, I am a publisher for this method, of course, also for two collections of pieces for Drum and other percussive instruments, for several pieces of variety music for bands, for soloists, and even for Piano. A price-list is available from myself in Dareizé, as well as all other information about my productions, and all inquiries about the French Drum.

ˇ         I also work as a teacher for Drum in several Music Schools, and I am the conductor of my band in Chirassimont, which is highly-classified in its category through national competitions in France.


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