Swiss French meetings… continuation … Geneva, 2019, 5th of May. version française photos collection

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For a long time now (since 1995 in Lausanne) we have good relations with our Swiss Drummmers friends. Édouard Sommer, from Geneva, is sort of the focal point. So, it was quite naturally in this city that we projected a working day, after Thusy 2016, Roman Lombriser and myself, at the symposium in Paris.
The Conservatoire Populaire kindly received us on Sunday, May 5.
Thank you to the three of you, Édouard, Jean-Philippe, Romain, for organizing the meeting and welcoming the day.
The visit of the room "instruments" was interesting and enriching for us, the three French drummers. We also had a profitable exchange on how to teach, especially when starting students, which we each practice on our own.
The main part, the one that motivated this day, took place sticks in hand, scores on table, with explanations and comments.
For our part, we had prepared the documents, extracts from the instrumental workbook, concerning points that we knew were specific : the "coup de charge", the "coulé" and its derivatives, but also the rolling rates with beats per time according to the tempo. This last subject was of great interest to our Swiss friends.
Anthony, Damien and I illustrated all this with a few pieces, including Alexandre Raynaud’s Three Rolled Marches, Chirassimont’s Marches, Fantaisie percutante.
We were pleased to see that differences in writing were becoming less and less of a problem as the day progressed.
All this, of course, ended at the restaurant offered by our friends in Geneva and with the will to continue this principle of meetings, with a "reasonable" periodicity of two years. Rendez-vous is held in the Lyon western area in 2021.
Philippe Vignon

The impression of the veteran (89 years old) !
Third edition of our informal and friendly meetings. After Chermignon (Switzerland) in 2007, Thusy (France) in 2016 here is the 2019 in Geneva.
The reception “cafés croissants”, offered by the friends from Geneva, immediately established a warm atmosphere among the participants, many of whom met for the first time.
At this friendly meeting no speeches ! Just a desire to exchange and share our ways of practicing the art of drumming, which are very close to each other.
Our two Masters drummers of the day, Roman Lombriser and Philippe Vignon have, in turn, led the working session. First of all, a theoretical explanation followed by a practical demonstration of the principles studied : the "coulé" and its derivatives and the roll rates for Philippe. Then, sentences from the play "Globbitrotter" for Roman. All the assistance then moved on to the application of the reasons discussed.
I was involved as a very interested co-organizer and observer. But then : what a technical quality of reading and execution on the part of each of the participants !As an ancient drummer having kept the sacred flame for this art I was amazed at how easily all the present drums managed to perform, the pours or pours blown demonstrated by Philippe or, on sight, passages of “Globbitrotter” demonstrated by Roman.
Conclusion : certainly a fruitful and friendly meeting this Sunday, May 5 in Geneva. Evidence : all participants agreed to say so and everyone wanted it to be renewed in one or two years. Our French friends have already offered to organize it at home next time and the veteran will try to be with you again ! ?
So, to all of you friends, drummers, “see you next” !
Edouard Sommer

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