Some impressions from the end of the earth version en Français
(The french drummers in Russia) photo : the French drummers in Vladivostok

On Monday, 2 pm, Railway station of Tarare.The train arrives, the "big trip" begins, the countdown is ended.
On Monday, 5 pm, Printania Hotel in Paris. According to arrivals, from our provinces, climate becomes established. It increases by the discovery of the instruments (the new drums) of Fabien Pottiez, the unavoidable comments of each, the delivery of documents, the recommendations to be noticed.
On Tuesday, at about 9 am, Airbus Paris-Moscow. We of course start dialogue, with my neighbour of seat. This one, French, priest, entrusts me have aimed a battery-fanfare in Sarthe in the sixties, and have the collection of recording "Varieties in Fanfare" of French Air Force Band. Which was not its stupefaction when he learnt that Robert Goute was here, some rows of seats there forward. The presentations, in disembarkation, made two people happy.
On Tuesday, at about 4 pm, international Airport Cheremetievo in Moscow. The lost suitcase, the first claims
On Tuesday, at about 6 pm, Airport Domodedovo, in Moscow. "Too late". Missed flight, more claims ...
On Wednesday, at about 12 am, Hotel in area of Moscow. The entertainment, organized to avoid wasting time of forced wait, undoubtedly provided good information to Jean-Luc and also allowed to each of us to gain knowledge a bit of the new drums.
Night from Wednesday till Thursday, Boeing of Aeroflot. Those who do not sleep can admire through the porthole in the left a splendid rise of the Sun on the big Siberian North, the curve of our globe of the Earth is then distinctly observable.
On Thursday end of the morning, Vladivostok. We arrived at the "end of the earth ". First impressions on this city. The relief is very present, there does not seem to have "town center" such as we can find it in general. It is warm, about 23 degrees, what changes us in comparison with the 8-10 degrees in Moscow. We go for meal and meeting with journalists, now accompanied with the nice students interpreters.
On Friday beginning of the afternoon. The serious things begin. We dress uniform "A" (that with the tricolour sash) to finally play, in two interventions in the ceremony celebrating the first meeting of judo.
On Friday at about 5 pm. Five of us, the most audacious, are going to visit a very nice and big sailing boat. The others are going to represent the group at the Congress of the Presidents of universities of the Pacific Ocean zone. Our performance of the following day is announced. We attend a marvellous show, particularly of dance.
Saturday 2 pm. We go to the Palace of the Festival for the first and last adjustment, with regulating of illumination. The course on unknown ground, in the complete black, caused the "fall of a body", happily without consequences afterwards.
On Saturday afternoon.
We dress for the first time the new costume (uniform "B"). Important force of security set up around the building. Wait seems to us very long, this length being nevertheless tempered by the presence of numerous top-models and other stars. Finally, it is the moment for us to go, we enter, we play, and this time some minutes on stage of course pass very quickly.
On Saturday night. We are invited at the reception given by the governor of the maritime province. We are next every to jet-set local, but also of personalities of any skylines. Some international dialogues create.
On Saturday, end of the night. Some of us come back to the Hotel. The construction site of a building which is on the other side of the street always works, twenty-four hours on twenty-four, with a great proportion of Chinese workers. Contrasts!
On Sunday beginning of the afternoon, tarmac of the airport of Vladivostok, in the Boeing of Aeroflot. Passengers recognize us, further to our passage on television. It is answered their questions, it is provided some explanation on our group, on our presence here, and about the French Drum.
On Sunday , about 11-12 pm,
Printania Hotel in Paris. We finish a long day (here is twenty-six hours that we stand, consequences of the adjustment of the time difference) by an unprompted meeting, with debriefing, exchanges, then finally good refreshing night.
On Monday midday, Railway station of Tarare. Return to the start. It remains forever, full of memories, and also feeling to have participated in the first one, in something special.
Following days. Predominant feeling is deep thankfulness towards all those who worked at the realization of this trip, that you know who will indeed be named moreover. Thanks to all.
Ph.V. - 2007-07-10

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