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On Saturday, February 9th, the "Groupement des Sociétés Musicales des Trois Vallées" (geographical : Beaujolais-Sud) organized a musical day.
This "Groupement" belongs to the "Fédération Musicale du Rhône", which is 127 bands strong. It is itself linked to the "Confédération Musicale de France".
The worries became from the very difficult weather conditions, with important snowfalls all along the day, and perilous driving between the villages, on the small roads. photo
The day began by a training stage, in Saint-Just d'Avray, with master-classes of Flute, Trumpet, Drum.
Four Tambours 69 members made the teaching for the twelve drummers trainees. photo
The accent was put on the material (drums and sticks), the attitude, the right movements, the precision, the better sound research, the contrasts, the roll work, the roll rudiments.
We could see than all the trainees (10 coming from three Harmony-bands, 2 from a "batterie-fanfare") were able to read more or less a music sheet, whatever their technical level or their age (about from 10 to 50).
Each instrumental class had in mind to learn two pieces, with the aim of the concert. We choosed for the drummers trainees Six-Quatre-Deux (14 juillet) and Petite Valse (of Jérôme Doyen).
The simplified versions were very useful in order to make everyone able to play.
The final Concert was in the evening in Theizé.
For the first part we could hear an Harmony-band. After that, the trainees showed the result of their work of the day.
Then, the eight Tambours 69
photo (we were eight for the first time in production) played, in an educational objective for the trainees and their leaders. Indeed, the members of our Group were neither choosen nor selected, but come without any exception from local bands, in a small area of some ten kilometers and less than forty thousand inhabitants.
A dynamic and narrow program had been planed, due to the demand for a rather short duration of the production.
Marching entrance with Six-Quatre-Deux (14 juillet), then a part of Fantaisie Percutante, the Retraites roulées, Clin d'oeil, the Train, and a Medley of Rigodons with among others the two Rigodons of Raynaud and of course the Duel. photo
Synthesis of opinion from the participants :
Training stage :
- General opinion very satisfying from the trainees.
- Quality, educational methods, of the teachers.
- Interesting review of basic notions.
- Work in small groups.
- Meeting of other musicians.
Evening concert :
- General opinion very satisfying.
- Varied concert.
- On morning, we know nothing and on evening we are able to play some pieces during the concert, this is concrete and gives an objective for the trainees.
- Production of the Flutes, Trumpets, Drums, one after the other.
- Very good production of the Tambours 69. The bar had been placed very high. The spectators enjoyed very much.
- Negative point : too much snow !!!!!!!!!!

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